Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Alex And Kat Story:Exclusively on Ant Hill Music

One evening a girl, Alex, was watching the show Criminal Minds, all the while admiring how cute Matthew Gray Gubler was. With the power of the internet, and of course Google, Alex found a website for fans of Monsieur Gubler.

On this website Alex met Kat, another girl who shared her love of Matthew Gubler. Through a mutual interest in The Gube, Alex and Kat began to talk on a regular basis. First about what had brought them together, then about everything. A friendship was forged. Two handknit mismatched socks and a vocabgubelary dictionary later, and from there on out, Alex and Kat were joined at the hip, or at least by the AIM and MSN boxes. But this story's not about Matthew Gubler now is it? But Me and Kat like digression, cus that's how we roll.

One evening many months later, the girl Alex was checking her YouTube subscriptions to find Ant Hill's latest blog "Drink Responsibly". Finding it absolutely hilarious, Alex IM-ed it to Kat. Coincidentally enough, Kat was getting sauced (ok, so it was few drinks, but we'll get all superlative-y for effect!) as was Anthony himself!

After that, Kat was hooked just like Alex. Alex and Kat now shared yet another interest. Inarguably the best one yet!

Alex and Kat thought Ant was so talented he needed more of a following. He was too good to not be famous. So, Alex and Kat ventured into the big world of blogging in hopes of promoting Ant's music to more people like those that might not ordinarily find him on YouTube.

After a week or so of dancing to "Shimmy Like Kate" (cus it's just that good) Alex and Kat were in business, the blog business that is, and scheming up color schemes and having nightmares with style sheets.

And that is exactly what you're reading here, well actually you're reading The Alex and Kat story, but overall, this blog is to pique your interest in Ant's music and keep you updated on what he's working on.

See, Alex and Kat believe Anthony is way too talented to not go further, so please support him if you like what you hear by him.

So, until later, this has been Alex with Part One of The Alex And Kat Story. There may be more to tell, especially if you, the possible fan, make it happen! Make the world of music a better place and help Ant with his rise to fame! He's already famous to his current fans! Come see why and discover for yourself just what makes his music and himself quite so contagious!

Arrivederci for now my dears, Alex


Kat said...

wow this almost made me cry, until you said i was getting sauced
drink responsibly and pearl that night were just too hilarious
that was a lovely story my sweet sweet alex

Anonymous said...

Kat and Alex, this is the first time this comment thing has actually worked for me!! yay, i love the alex and kat story it's similar to many of my great job you guys!XoXo Linsay Marie

Anthony Hill said...

Hey girls, that was awesome! I had no idea you guys met over the internet... or in fact that it was through mutual love of "some guy" (no offence Gube or whatever your name is). Those were some very kind things you wrote about me in there... just wanted to say again that I really really appreciate all your support, time and effort in trying to make me an international superstar! =P thanks so much... keep up the blog!

p.s. I am working a lot at the moment (in a nightclub) thurs, fri, sat and sun nights so I'm not online much... but I should have time to get a new song recorded next week! :-) x a

Anonymous said...

i love you guys