Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Une Autre Cover

This is a quick one, wish I could give this cover of Razorlight's "Somewhere Else" the gushing it deserves but alas, I'm off. Give it a listen/watch. It's sure to please! Comme toujours? Mais oui!

Merci mes amours, Alex

I leave you with some Jeff Buckley:

"Ah mon amour
dans tes grande yeuxs
a toi toujours
rien que nous deux"

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Oasis Cover

of Live Forever. It's quite possible this is my favorite Oasis song ever....besides Supersonic and Some Might Say...anyhow. There have been some kind of childish remarks on the video but it really is yet again, another stellar cover. I think it's the best cover he's done so far. There's just something indescribably lovely about this song and version.

Link: leave comments my dears!

Live Forever Acoustic Cover

Heippa, Alex

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A little PR

Since Ant is so busy, I don't think it'd be too outrageous to go off topic at this time and do a little PR for some people who I also enjoy listening to:


Shotgun Crackers

There's just something really refreshing and catchy about their songs. I'll be taking some more listens once spazz stops being so slow, but I can tell they remind me a bit of The Kinks with some of the vocals in parts. Sometimes you just want music that's uncomplicated and happy, not meant for deep thought...just singing and dancing!

Shotgun Cracker's Spazz

Fabienne Delsol

Sounds so much like Holly Golightly and April March it's really not a joke. Holly Golightly is a favourite of mine so I highly recommend Fabienne. She sings not only in English but French as well, comme April.

(go down about 3 posts to get them)
Post w/ free mp3s

Fabienne's Myspazz

~~End Update


Easterband is the band Johänna's mum is in. They remind me of a cross between the Scottish band Big Country in it's earlier days, and The Sugarcubes from Iceland. Big Country had the traditional folk sound mixed with modern rock down well and in The Sugarcubes, Einar's voice was very unique, gruff. They're two of my favorite bands actually and Easterband reminds me of them. Take a listen!

Easterband Myspazz Page

LemonDrop Records

is the new record label Kevin at The Pelican's Perch has started with his amigo Charlie (not the dude from Driveshaft though....although I do sing "you all everybody" everytime I hear his name...).

Kevin also writes his own music and will be recording it in the studio soon, with all the bells and whistles! His blog is one that I read on a daily basis, because the music he posts about is just fantastic.

The approach to this new record label is one I think everyone could get behind. To read more about it, visit:

LemonDrop Records Website

The Revolution Begins!

The Pelican's Perch mp3 blog

Anton Nessvi

is a Swedish musician Elin introduced me to through her blog. This kid has got mad skillz. His cover of Arctic Monkey's "A Certain Romance" is one that everyone should hear. And his original song "Cherrytree Hills" showcases that he can not only write, but sing his own material.

"And I think you should know that there's no other pills,
that can take you to places like Cherrytree Hills"

Anton Nessvi's Spazz

Rob Davies

is an English musician that Ant did a plug for and since then, I'm hooked. He's talented for sure, just like Anton. He has three original songs up on his myspace page and they are so definitely worth your time to hear. He's a great guitar player and lyricist.

Rob Davie's Spazz

Miss Pennie Lane

is a youtuber. She covers mostly Lily Allen songs and a few others. Her voice is heavenly. She hits those high notes and voila! She'd love to hear what you think, and maybe you could join the bandwagon that could convince her to do full songs! It's terrible to hear her wonderful voice for only half the song's length!

MissPennieLane's YouTube

Faceless Witch

who's real name is Rose, has done a great great great cover of Ant's "Girls In Stereo". She calls it an 'attempt' but I think it's a winner! Ant's getting so famous people are covering him! She's also covered Kate Nash and has an original song as well. Check her out!

FacelessWitch's YouTube

That's all the PR I can think of for now, but please check them out and if you like what you hear let them know!

Terimah kasih, Alex

Covers I'd Like to See

Ant is busy, that's for certain, but if the ol' bean gets a chance here and there to learn some of these, that'd be simply marvelous! These are the songs I'd like to see him do covers of. If there's one you'd like to see, leave it in the comments!

In no particular order:

  • Al Stewart-Year of the Cat
  • Wreckless Eric-Whole Wide World
  • Tiny Tim-Tip Toe Through The Tulips (ooh I'm evil!)
  • Jeff Buckley-Your Flesh Is So Nice/Yard Of Blonde Girls (normally I would give someone hell if they tried to cover a Buckley song, that's how strongly I feel about his music, but you know what, Ant could very well pull these off!)
  • Timo Räisänen-Don't Let The Devil Ruin It All
  • The Fratellis-Whistle For The Choir
  • The Boy Least Likely To-Be Gentle With Me
  • The Von Bondies-Mairead/Cass & Henry
  • Guillemots-Made Up Love Song #43 -Trains to Brazil
  • The Bravery-Bad Sun

I know it takes a lot of work to learn these and practice them, but these are the ones I'd like to hear Ant's interpretations of.

Also, another little helpful thing for you to woo your ladies in Sweden with Anthony, this here will help with the pronunciation. It's 100% free, no gimmicks and downloads in like, pfft, 10 seconds about. I use it for my Slovak and I've downloaded every other language on the list as well. I'm that in love with learning new languages! Give it a whirl, no doubt Elin and Johanna won't be able to resist you!

Laew phob gan mai!, Alex

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well look who's been busy!

Keeping what Kat said in mind, luckily we've got two little surprises for you!

A cover of The Bravery's 'An Honest Mistake'. I really liked The Bravery when I first heard this single, that was what, 1 or 2 years ago? Then the Killers hype took the limelight, whom I also love and The Bravery was well forgotten for me, except for their song Bad Sun off their newest cd, a sure winner with the whistling. Whistling compositions, harmonicas and a well integrated bagpipe, those knock me off my feet...but anyhow!

This is such a great interpretation of An Honest Mistake. It's slowed down and he does a great job with the higher notes. It's one of the songs where you get to see that Ant really does have a good voice, not many people are so blessed with!

And also, a new video blog Ant has done. You can learn all about his latest endeavor into the Swedish culture. Talar du svenska? Jag talar svenska lite grann. Ant, if you're reading this I suggest you print this out. I've found it obscenely helpful at not only Swedish, but my Slovak is fastly improving. And the girl who runs it is very helpful as well.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Sorry everyone for the lack of updates, its been incredibly busy not only for anthony, but also for me and alex!

I hope you will forgive us for slacking off a little, the beginning of the school year is always a little hard.

Keep checking back and hopefully things will settle down soon!


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cafepress Store Now Open

Ant's Cafepress store is open now. Here's the link!

At the moment there are some t-shirts, stickers, and buttons up for sale. In the future there will be all sorts of other items including mugs, calendars, posters and more.

Ant receives a commission for all that he sells and he will be able to put that money towards music and recording equipment rather than asking for donations. This way you get even more out of it!

For now the designs are simple but in the future there will be some more art competitions to choose some more things you'd like to see on your genuine Ant Hill Music purchase!

So go check that out, and keep those designs for the cd cover rolling in. Don't forget, not only are we looking for art submissions, but the CD title. So if you think you're not exactly the most creative person out there, but can come up with something groovy for a title, send it in!

Uvidimsja, Alex

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Merch News

Hello everyone, this is a short post but I just recieved a little bit of news informing us that Ant is opening a small store featuring t-shirts :)

So when its open we will let you guys know where to get your exclusive Ant Hill t-shirts yay!

So keep checking back for more news on the store!

Ate Logo,

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hello once again everyone,
I know it seems like things are kind of quiet around here in the past couple days, but it seems like Ant has been writing some new songs, so there is a good reason behind it!

Ant posted a new blog on his myspace informing his fans that the new song is called Simple Simon, and he seems to be very excited about it!

I imagine all of you cannot wait to hear it, but like the other songs he is writing currently, they will not be posted on the internet! You will just have to save your hard earned dough and buy the album when it comes out!

Anyways, don't forget to keep voting on and to keep submitting your album covers, its already August people, you have until the end of the month!!!!!

Do widzenia,