Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cafepress Store Now Open

Ant's Cafepress store is open now. Here's the link!

At the moment there are some t-shirts, stickers, and buttons up for sale. In the future there will be all sorts of other items including mugs, calendars, posters and more.

Ant receives a commission for all that he sells and he will be able to put that money towards music and recording equipment rather than asking for donations. This way you get even more out of it!

For now the designs are simple but in the future there will be some more art competitions to choose some more things you'd like to see on your genuine Ant Hill Music purchase!

So go check that out, and keep those designs for the cd cover rolling in. Don't forget, not only are we looking for art submissions, but the CD title. So if you think you're not exactly the most creative person out there, but can come up with something groovy for a title, send it in!

Uvidimsja, Alex

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Kat said...

woot glad you got on posting about it
we are such good co-moderators :)