Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Published Musician

When I say published I mean that the publisher is an aspiring musician himself, owns an mp3 blog that gets way more attention than a lot of the ones out there, bands send him eps hoping he'll post about them, and he co-owns a record label with a great approach behind it.

Well guess what lovely lad just got featured? Ant Hill? pah, no. Wait, yeah, ANT DID! haha. So please go check that out here and while you're at it, there's also good Mr. Timo Raisanen on there as well for a listen.

Please leave Kevin a comment or such, and if you'd like listen to his music, read about their record label and visit the label's site.

I want to thank Kevin again for doing this. All help is appreciated so much! I hope that people will stop by his site on a regular basis as well if you get a chance.

Chickity check it out!


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Video Blog 9

Hello once again, this is your trusty co-moderator back from her week long hiatus bringing you notice of Ant's new video blog.

I must say, this is among some of the funniest he has done so go check it out here!

Also don't forget to keep submitting your entries for his album cover contest, I believe you have until the end of August to get them in so keep working hard and you could be the lucky one who wins!


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Now don't you envision like sausage and kielbasa being rolled off an assembly line somewhere deep in the heart of a German factory? Ok maybe not.

No silly, the linkage I'm talking about is to the tons of new stuff Ant Hill related!

To simplify things lets make a list, cos I like list making:

1. Mini-Gig finished! It's on YouTube in three parts:

Part one features the NEW SONG "Syd Barrett Song" which is really catchy, Ant was not lying!

Part two has a smashing cover of Kate Nash's "Foundations". Ant saw her in concert a few days ago, needless to say, he wants to marry the woman now, so check out part two for that song!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

2. If you want to download "Syd Barrett Song" you can do so on Ant's Purevolume site.

Also, if this wasn't mentioned before, on there you can find the lyrics and the chords for each song. I've been stealing my older bro's guitar lately and trying to teach myself to play...pfft, I can't really do much but play the riff to Blister in the Sun and Smoke on the Water. But once I master Hotel Yorba by my lovers The White Stripes, you can so bet I'm going to do a nice renditon of Debt Collector! Phew, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

3. He uploaded "Syd Barrett Song" to his myspace page as well so you can add that as your profile song, which I highly recommend!

4. This is just funny:

"I personally think the best thing about it is if it ever gets played on the radio, I can make a special 'censored' version in which I say "clucking parrot"... I can't think of any songs out there with those two words in... can you?" ~Ant

A clucking parrot means they're about to pluck your eyes out. Or at least leave a nice mandible shaped scar on your chin!

Last but not least, please leave him some comments on myspace, youtube and here to let him know what you think of the new song, the whole mini-gig itself, and the cover of Foundations!

Tack, Alex

as a side note here, I'd like to add, kielbasa is Polish, but why does it remind me of Germany rather?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How goeth the voting and such?

Yes! Ant has gotten 210 subscribers to his YouTube channel! After he gained 200, he said that he will be doing a mini-gig of about 5-6 songs for everyone. So the link for that will be up when he finishes it.

Also, he's got 83 votes on NME so far....but we need more, more, more!! For those of you who've already voted, you're awesome! Anyone else, well I'm sure you're awesome but you could always add to you're total awesomeness by supporting Mr. Hill in his musical pursuit!

So people, please keep hitting those subscribe and vote buttons! Lets get his YouTube subscribers to like, 300! and NME votes to 100......by the end of the day. Ok so not by the end of the day, the week. There you go, I'm giving you all some leeway here. Go help this talented lad!

We really do hate begging!

p.s. it's not shameless self promotion, it's fun!

New Song

Ant has written a new song called "Syd Barrett Song" in a record breaking 10 minutes! He's recorded a version and right now it's in the testing phase by two of his friends. Once it's all set, the link will be right here.

Here's what Ant said about the new song:

"It's kind of light-hearted and fun... and I make several references to Syd in it which any fans of his will probably pick out straight away... like Elin did! The song also has some personal importance to me too though... and I think it's gonna be a nice addition to the CD when I get it together!!"

hmm, well I know I like that Syd Barrett song "Gigolo Aunt" so maybe I'd better go listen to some more of his! And look up the lyrics, because I swear he's saying "grooving around in a trench coat with a sentinel gun"....that can't be right, or can it!?

Thanks to Ant, I'm listening to all kinds of good music I'd never even gotten a chance to before. You ought to go listen to his music because in a round-about fashion, you'll probably find you like not only his music, but tons of other awesome tunes from those Brits! It's really a win-win situation!

I know what you are. you are a gigolo aunt. you're a gigolo aunt....

Do videnja, Alex

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

Exclusive News

First off, well this isn't the exclusive part, but most would be very happy to know, Ant is almost completely over his terrible man-flu and is still alive!

Now, the part you've all been waiting for!:

Ant is currently earning money over the summer to buy new and better recording equipment with. He hopes that by September he'll be able to purchase some microphones and a mixer and make some quality recordings of his songs. After this he'd like to put a CD together of about 8 songs or around there. He'd sell them on eBay and they'll all have creative cover work and he'll even sign them!

Now here's where you come in; that cover art for the CD, well thats up to you to provide! The idea is to hold a contest and you, yeah you, everyone and anyone, can submit their fan art or totally random sketch or just absolutely anything they'd like to see as the CD cover art to Ant. He gets the best job here, Ant will be the one who ultimately chooses the winning entry. See below for details on submitting your work.

Also, every CD needs a name and Ant wants you to come up with that too! It can be part of one of his songs, one of the lyrics, be creative and original!

What do you think? Submit your ideas to Ant via his myspace which you can find at the right of this page, or if you don't have a myspace, please leave a comment here and we'll send it on to him!

Now for the rules, yes, there's always got to be a few:

How to Enter

1. Size of artwork must be around the size of 800pixels by 800 pixels. A little bigger should be ok, but 800x800 is ideal.

2. Must be in JPEG, JPG, or PNG file type. (thanks to Liv for the help about PNGs, cus that makes no sense to me!)

3.Don't use any copyrighted images. All submissions must be original photographs, drawings, paintings, or other mediums and photoshop pieces.

4.All entries must be submitted to Ant by August 31st, 2007. Extensions may be possible.

*Please email your entries to Ant at hilbilly_87@hotmail.com. He will put each one in a seperate album in his myspace photos. *

Thanks, Alex

Friday, July 20, 2007

NEW Much To Learn YouTube Video

Ant's back with the YouTube video to go to his new song "Much To Learn". You'll notice that it's being recorded differently, not sound wise, but you'll see! We here at his fansite like it, while Anthony himself compares his guitar playing while standing up to that of a drunken leper. It's really quite entertaining, he even laughs while doing the song at one point.

Chickity check it out HERE and leave him some feedback!

auf Wiedersehen und guten Abend, Alex

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New fan art and layout

Hey guys,

So there have been some updates. First of all one of our fellow Ant fans has made some cool graphics, which are now up in the fan art section of the gallery. Thanks Linsay Marie, and if I may say so myself, they are pretty nifty.

Also, my good friend Audra helped me last night and we have a new header up along with a new color scheme! Comment and tell us what you think, we would love to have some feedback.

It seems Ant is on hiatus for a few days due to a family engagement, so enjoy your time waiting for him to come back :).


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Grand List

In case it weren't enough that he has great original songs, who doesn't like hearing some covers? Well, here's every one Anthony's done so far:

  • Only Ones Who Know-Arctic Monkeys
  • What Katie Did-The Libertines
  • Can't Stand Me Now-The Libertines
  • Oops I Did It Again-Britney Spears (I personally do not believe that he really actually enjoyed this!)
  • Birds-Kate Nash
  • Albion-Babyshambles
  • Breck Road Lover-The Libertines
  • Married With Children-Oasis
  • Dream A Little Dream-Mamas And Papas (very unexpected but SO good, one of my favorite covers of Ant's and others who've covered it, especially seeing as how this song has been done by a lot of people)
  • France-The Libertines
  • Black Coffee-All Saints
  • Deadwood-Dirty Pretty Things
  • I Try-Macy Gray
  • Common People-Pulp
  • Complicated-Avril Lavigne
  • I Love You But You're Green-Babyshambles
  • For Lovers-Wolfman
  • Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts-Arctic Monkeys (I absolutely love this song, orignal and cover!)
  • Littlest Things-Lily Allen(inarguably one of the best covers I've EVER heard...Anthony's voice suits it so well)
  • Don't Look Back Into The Sun-The Libertines
  • Time For Heroes-The Libertines
  • What A Waster-The Libertines
So those are all the covers so far. See one of your fave songs on that list? Well why don't you go see if Anthony can make it your new favorite cover version? And if all else, I'm sure he'd love to hear if you hated it too, constructive criticism is always helpful, I have no doubt he can take it like a man!

Bella serra mes amours, Alexandra

Monday, July 16, 2007

Much to Learn!

Okay great news everyone, Ant has worked real hard and "Much to Learn" has been recorded and is up now on his myspace!

It's a little different than stuff hes recorded in the past, and even though he claims he's not happy with the vocals, I quite like it. It's very relevant in today's society and hopefully all of you will like it too!

Go here to give it a quick listen!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Exclusive news!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, I know this news will hopefully make it a little bit better for you.

I have just received word from Anthony that he has changed the title of the new song he is writing from "Grown Ups" to "Much to Learn". Anthony described the song as being "about a girl who is going out with a really immature guy who really doesn't know the first thing about romance and kind of treats her like crap... but she still stays with him."

So expect the new song soon, Ant explains he has only one more verse to write and then he will be able to start recording!!!!

Keep checking back for up to date news on what Ant is up to, and remember to keep voting on NME.com.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

10,000 plays

Hello everyone, not much going on with Ant right now, but if you hop on over to Anthony's myspace you will see that he has received over 10,000 plays so congrats to Ant Hill!!!

This is a great achievement, so dont forget to leave him comments on how proud you are of him.

In other news, Ant is writing a new song which should be up on YouTube soon so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

Peace Out,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Alex And Kat Story:Exclusively on Ant Hill Music

One evening a girl, Alex, was watching the show Criminal Minds, all the while admiring how cute Matthew Gray Gubler was. With the power of the internet, and of course Google, Alex found a website for fans of Monsieur Gubler.

On this website Alex met Kat, another girl who shared her love of Matthew Gubler. Through a mutual interest in The Gube, Alex and Kat began to talk on a regular basis. First about what had brought them together, then about everything. A friendship was forged. Two handknit mismatched socks and a vocabgubelary dictionary later, and from there on out, Alex and Kat were joined at the hip, or at least by the AIM and MSN boxes. But this story's not about Matthew Gubler now is it? But Me and Kat like digression, cus that's how we roll.

One evening many months later, the girl Alex was checking her YouTube subscriptions to find Ant Hill's latest blog "Drink Responsibly". Finding it absolutely hilarious, Alex IM-ed it to Kat. Coincidentally enough, Kat was getting sauced (ok, so it was few drinks, but we'll get all superlative-y for effect!) as was Anthony himself!

After that, Kat was hooked just like Alex. Alex and Kat now shared yet another interest. Inarguably the best one yet!

Alex and Kat thought Ant was so talented he needed more of a following. He was too good to not be famous. So, Alex and Kat ventured into the big world of blogging in hopes of promoting Ant's music to more people like those that might not ordinarily find him on YouTube.

After a week or so of dancing to "Shimmy Like Kate" (cus it's just that good) Alex and Kat were in business, the blog business that is, and scheming up color schemes and having nightmares with style sheets.

And that is exactly what you're reading here, well actually you're reading The Alex and Kat story, but overall, this blog is to pique your interest in Ant's music and keep you updated on what he's working on.

See, Alex and Kat believe Anthony is way too talented to not go further, so please support him if you like what you hear by him.

So, until later, this has been Alex with Part One of The Alex And Kat Story. There may be more to tell, especially if you, the possible fan, make it happen! Make the world of music a better place and help Ant with his rise to fame! He's already famous to his current fans! Come see why and discover for yourself just what makes his music and himself quite so contagious!

Arrivederci for now my dears, Alex

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Promote us

Hello everyone,

I just put a new button down on the links side of the page, feel free to use that on your myspace, blogger, livejournal, xanga, youtube, facebook, or whatever else you can possibly use.

Link it back to us, so in the end we both benefit, you by having that wondeful picture of ant on your page and us by having you visit us!

If you have any questions on how to use the button feel free to comment or email either me or Alex. We would love to hear from you!


Monday, July 9, 2007

New Video Blog up

Hola once again folks,
Ant posted a new video blog with a few shoutouts today, and mentioned our site so cheers to that!

You can check it out on his YouTube page or directly watch it from this link here

and remember, I bet you are getting tired of hearing it, but keep voting for Ant on nme.com!!!

ciao, Kat

Sunday, July 8, 2007

NME Update

UPDATE!!!! So far Ant Hill has gained 70 votes on NME's Breaking Bands search.

Also, it might be interesting for me to mention that on his NME page, Anthony describes why he wrote the songs, the reasons behind them. That's definitely worth a look!

So, please vote for him, he appreciates every vote and each one truly does count! Do it for the love of music! Please and thank you!

Posted by Alex

New Arctic Monkeys Cover

Today Ant made a great cover of Arctic Monkey's song "Only Ones Who Know" off of their second and newest cd Favourite Worst Nightmare.

Anthony's voice very much well suits this song and we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it! The link for the video is here.

If you'd like, leave him a comment on the video and let him know whether or not you like his version.

And for those of you who really like this version, but may not have listened to Arctic Monkeys all that much, I suggest you do! They're second album has changed a lot from their debut and they've only gotten better so give them a listen! (That means you too, my faithful comrade, Kat!)

Posted by Alex

New Libertines Covers

Yesterday and the day before, Ant covered two Libertines songs. They are "What Katie Did" and "Can't Stand Me Now". Both covers are acoustic.


Can't Stand Me Now

What Katie Did

please check them out and let him know what you think of his versions and give him some feedback. Leave a comment here and let us know your opinions on Ant's take of these classic Libertines songs!

Posted by Alex

Ant on Purevolume

Hello everyone, Ant put up songs to download on purevolume a few weeks ago, feel free to visit his profile, add him as a friend, and enjoy the free mp3's.

Also, keep voting on nme.com!!!!


posted by Kat

Monday, July 2, 2007

Inaugural Post

Welcome to Ant Hill Music on Blogger. If you’ve found this then hooray, you’re in for some great new music for those ears of yours!

Anthony Hill is an aspiring musician based in England. Influences include Babyshambles, The Libertines, The Cribs, Pulp, Graham Coxon, Larrikin Love, Kate Nash, The View, Blur, Oasis, Lily Allen, Jamie T and many more!

If you click on some of the links to the right, you can see and hear original songs by Ant, including catchy one’s like “Shimmy Like Kate” to covers of Arctic Monkeys, Mamas and Papas, Kate Nash and so many others that almost rival the originals!

If you like what you hear, please go to the link “Vote for Ant on NME’s Breaking Bands” and do so! You’ll need to register to vote, but NME is a great magazine to read and there’s free music as well.

And if you really are enjoying this talent, add him on myspace to show him even more support. He loves hearing from his fans and talking to them.

The aim of this site is to keep you up to date on new songs when they’re written, new covers and any other updates in the Ant Hill Music world. Hopefully this site will reach a larger group of people than who might not ordinarily find Ant’s work on YouTube or Myspace.

Kat and I, Alex, will be manning this blog. We're pretty easy-going so feel free to ask us any questions or suggest something about anything what so ever in the comments or click to our myspace pages and leave us a question or some feedback.

So thank you for having a looksey at the links and remember, please vote!

Posted by Alex