Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Published Musician

When I say published I mean that the publisher is an aspiring musician himself, owns an mp3 blog that gets way more attention than a lot of the ones out there, bands send him eps hoping he'll post about them, and he co-owns a record label with a great approach behind it.

Well guess what lovely lad just got featured? Ant Hill? pah, no. Wait, yeah, ANT DID! haha. So please go check that out here and while you're at it, there's also good Mr. Timo Raisanen on there as well for a listen.

Please leave Kevin a comment or such, and if you'd like listen to his music, read about their record label and visit the label's site.

I want to thank Kevin again for doing this. All help is appreciated so much! I hope that people will stop by his site on a regular basis as well if you get a chance.

Chickity check it out!



Kevin said...

Well thanks Alex for the great post. You might want to add our label's link to that post. (www.lemondroprecords.com) But here's a big thanks once again and I'll talk to you soon most likely. "A published musician"...I like that.

Kat said...

Alex this is fantastic....this is the reason we co-mod together, you are amazing and so persistent
we are the best site owners eva haha!

Anthony Hill said...

i only just noticed this post! i'm so sorry... but wow thanks so much Alex for working so hard at getting a mention on Kevins site. I will send him a thankyou too later. Yeah.. thanks its great :) x