Sunday, July 29, 2007

Video Blog 9

Hello once again, this is your trusty co-moderator back from her week long hiatus bringing you notice of Ant's new video blog.

I must say, this is among some of the funniest he has done so go check it out here!

Also don't forget to keep submitting your entries for his album cover contest, I believe you have until the end of August to get them in so keep working hard and you could be the lucky one who wins!



Alex said...

haha! i totally forgot to blog this! pah, good thing you're here kat! woohooo for co-founder-ism!

Anthony Hill said...

good to have you back Kat :) Alex did a fantastic job while you were away with some of the longest blog entries i've seen in my life.. but there was just something not right knowing you weren't around! a x