Thursday, July 26, 2007


Now don't you envision like sausage and kielbasa being rolled off an assembly line somewhere deep in the heart of a German factory? Ok maybe not.

No silly, the linkage I'm talking about is to the tons of new stuff Ant Hill related!

To simplify things lets make a list, cos I like list making:

1. Mini-Gig finished! It's on YouTube in three parts:

Part one features the NEW SONG "Syd Barrett Song" which is really catchy, Ant was not lying!

Part two has a smashing cover of Kate Nash's "Foundations". Ant saw her in concert a few days ago, needless to say, he wants to marry the woman now, so check out part two for that song!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

2. If you want to download "Syd Barrett Song" you can do so on Ant's Purevolume site.

Also, if this wasn't mentioned before, on there you can find the lyrics and the chords for each song. I've been stealing my older bro's guitar lately and trying to teach myself to play...pfft, I can't really do much but play the riff to Blister in the Sun and Smoke on the Water. But once I master Hotel Yorba by my lovers The White Stripes, you can so bet I'm going to do a nice renditon of Debt Collector! Phew, I'm getting ahead of myself here!

3. He uploaded "Syd Barrett Song" to his myspace page as well so you can add that as your profile song, which I highly recommend!

4. This is just funny:

"I personally think the best thing about it is if it ever gets played on the radio, I can make a special 'censored' version in which I say "clucking parrot"... I can't think of any songs out there with those two words in... can you?" ~Ant

A clucking parrot means they're about to pluck your eyes out. Or at least leave a nice mandible shaped scar on your chin!

Last but not least, please leave him some comments on myspace, youtube and here to let him know what you think of the new song, the whole mini-gig itself, and the cover of Foundations!

Tack, Alex

as a side note here, I'd like to add, kielbasa is Polish, but why does it remind me of Germany rather?

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