Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Arctic Monkeys Cover

Today Ant made a great cover of Arctic Monkey's song "Only Ones Who Know" off of their second and newest cd Favourite Worst Nightmare.

Anthony's voice very much well suits this song and we're pretty sure you'll enjoy it! The link for the video is here.

If you'd like, leave him a comment on the video and let him know whether or not you like his version.

And for those of you who really like this version, but may not have listened to Arctic Monkeys all that much, I suggest you do! They're second album has changed a lot from their debut and they've only gotten better so give them a listen! (That means you too, my faithful comrade, Kat!)

Posted by Alex


Ant Hill Music said...

aww alex, i will listen i promise

Anthony said...

I'm quite proud of this video actually.. I think its probably the strongest vocal I've done