Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Grand List

In case it weren't enough that he has great original songs, who doesn't like hearing some covers? Well, here's every one Anthony's done so far:

  • Only Ones Who Know-Arctic Monkeys
  • What Katie Did-The Libertines
  • Can't Stand Me Now-The Libertines
  • Oops I Did It Again-Britney Spears (I personally do not believe that he really actually enjoyed this!)
  • Birds-Kate Nash
  • Albion-Babyshambles
  • Breck Road Lover-The Libertines
  • Married With Children-Oasis
  • Dream A Little Dream-Mamas And Papas (very unexpected but SO good, one of my favorite covers of Ant's and others who've covered it, especially seeing as how this song has been done by a lot of people)
  • France-The Libertines
  • Black Coffee-All Saints
  • Deadwood-Dirty Pretty Things
  • I Try-Macy Gray
  • Common People-Pulp
  • Complicated-Avril Lavigne
  • I Love You But You're Green-Babyshambles
  • For Lovers-Wolfman
  • Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts-Arctic Monkeys (I absolutely love this song, orignal and cover!)
  • Littlest Things-Lily Allen(inarguably one of the best covers I've EVER heard...Anthony's voice suits it so well)
  • Don't Look Back Into The Sun-The Libertines
  • Time For Heroes-The Libertines
  • What A Waster-The Libertines
So those are all the covers so far. See one of your fave songs on that list? Well why don't you go see if Anthony can make it your new favorite cover version? And if all else, I'm sure he'd love to hear if you hated it too, constructive criticism is always helpful, I have no doubt he can take it like a man!

Bella serra mes amours, Alexandra

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Linsay Marie said...

sweet baby jesus, i wasn't aware he had done soooo many!!lol great songs though!