Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Song

Ant has written a new song called "Syd Barrett Song" in a record breaking 10 minutes! He's recorded a version and right now it's in the testing phase by two of his friends. Once it's all set, the link will be right here.

Here's what Ant said about the new song:

"It's kind of light-hearted and fun... and I make several references to Syd in it which any fans of his will probably pick out straight away... like Elin did! The song also has some personal importance to me too though... and I think it's gonna be a nice addition to the CD when I get it together!!"

hmm, well I know I like that Syd Barrett song "Gigolo Aunt" so maybe I'd better go listen to some more of his! And look up the lyrics, because I swear he's saying "grooving around in a trench coat with a sentinel gun"....that can't be right, or can it!?

Thanks to Ant, I'm listening to all kinds of good music I'd never even gotten a chance to before. You ought to go listen to his music because in a round-about fashion, you'll probably find you like not only his music, but tons of other awesome tunes from those Brits! It's really a win-win situation!

I know what you are. you are a gigolo aunt. you're a gigolo aunt....

Do videnja, Alex

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