Saturday, July 21, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

Exclusive News

First off, well this isn't the exclusive part, but most would be very happy to know, Ant is almost completely over his terrible man-flu and is still alive!

Now, the part you've all been waiting for!:

Ant is currently earning money over the summer to buy new and better recording equipment with. He hopes that by September he'll be able to purchase some microphones and a mixer and make some quality recordings of his songs. After this he'd like to put a CD together of about 8 songs or around there. He'd sell them on eBay and they'll all have creative cover work and he'll even sign them!

Now here's where you come in; that cover art for the CD, well thats up to you to provide! The idea is to hold a contest and you, yeah you, everyone and anyone, can submit their fan art or totally random sketch or just absolutely anything they'd like to see as the CD cover art to Ant. He gets the best job here, Ant will be the one who ultimately chooses the winning entry. See below for details on submitting your work.

Also, every CD needs a name and Ant wants you to come up with that too! It can be part of one of his songs, one of the lyrics, be creative and original!

What do you think? Submit your ideas to Ant via his myspace which you can find at the right of this page, or if you don't have a myspace, please leave a comment here and we'll send it on to him!

Now for the rules, yes, there's always got to be a few:

How to Enter

1. Size of artwork must be around the size of 800pixels by 800 pixels. A little bigger should be ok, but 800x800 is ideal.

2. Must be in JPEG, JPG, or PNG file type. (thanks to Liv for the help about PNGs, cus that makes no sense to me!)

3.Don't use any copyrighted images. All submissions must be original photographs, drawings, paintings, or other mediums and photoshop pieces.

4.All entries must be submitted to Ant by August 31st, 2007. Extensions may be possible.

*Please email your entries to Ant at He will put each one in a seperate album in his myspace photos. *

Thanks, Alex


Anthony Hill said...

I'm so excited to see what people come up with! Thanks for posting this Alex, I'll make a blog when i get chance directing people here for all the details! anthony xx

Audra said...

Oooh I'm super excited.
-scurries of to open photoshop-