Sunday, July 15, 2007

Exclusive news!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend so far, I know this news will hopefully make it a little bit better for you.

I have just received word from Anthony that he has changed the title of the new song he is writing from "Grown Ups" to "Much to Learn". Anthony described the song as being "about a girl who is going out with a really immature guy who really doesn't know the first thing about romance and kind of treats her like crap... but she still stays with him."

So expect the new song soon, Ant explains he has only one more verse to write and then he will be able to start recording!!!!

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Linsay Marie said...

yay, im really excited about the new song!!! as kat knows my computer takes forever to download so i really haven't got to see much of ant's youtube stuff, but this one im waiting all day to download!!lol

Alex said...

oh good kat! you got his update and blogged it. sorry i wasn't around all day...we'll talk later. but thanks for doing this one!

Kat said...

yes alex i am on top of it, thats what we have co-maintainers for isnt it buddy
hope you had a great day!
oh linsay, glad you got time to watch some of ants youtube videos :)

Linsay Marie said...

Ah im probley going to be up all night but im getting them all watched before i go to bed, and of course i fall more in love with the man with every one i