Saturday, August 25, 2007

A little PR

Since Ant is so busy, I don't think it'd be too outrageous to go off topic at this time and do a little PR for some people who I also enjoy listening to:


Shotgun Crackers

There's just something really refreshing and catchy about their songs. I'll be taking some more listens once spazz stops being so slow, but I can tell they remind me a bit of The Kinks with some of the vocals in parts. Sometimes you just want music that's uncomplicated and happy, not meant for deep thought...just singing and dancing!

Shotgun Cracker's Spazz

Fabienne Delsol

Sounds so much like Holly Golightly and April March it's really not a joke. Holly Golightly is a favourite of mine so I highly recommend Fabienne. She sings not only in English but French as well, comme April.

(go down about 3 posts to get them)
Post w/ free mp3s

Fabienne's Myspazz

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Easterband is the band Johänna's mum is in. They remind me of a cross between the Scottish band Big Country in it's earlier days, and The Sugarcubes from Iceland. Big Country had the traditional folk sound mixed with modern rock down well and in The Sugarcubes, Einar's voice was very unique, gruff. They're two of my favorite bands actually and Easterband reminds me of them. Take a listen!

Easterband Myspazz Page

LemonDrop Records

is the new record label Kevin at The Pelican's Perch has started with his amigo Charlie (not the dude from Driveshaft though....although I do sing "you all everybody" everytime I hear his name...).

Kevin also writes his own music and will be recording it in the studio soon, with all the bells and whistles! His blog is one that I read on a daily basis, because the music he posts about is just fantastic.

The approach to this new record label is one I think everyone could get behind. To read more about it, visit:

LemonDrop Records Website

The Revolution Begins!

The Pelican's Perch mp3 blog

Anton Nessvi

is a Swedish musician Elin introduced me to through her blog. This kid has got mad skillz. His cover of Arctic Monkey's "A Certain Romance" is one that everyone should hear. And his original song "Cherrytree Hills" showcases that he can not only write, but sing his own material.

"And I think you should know that there's no other pills,
that can take you to places like Cherrytree Hills"

Anton Nessvi's Spazz

Rob Davies

is an English musician that Ant did a plug for and since then, I'm hooked. He's talented for sure, just like Anton. He has three original songs up on his myspace page and they are so definitely worth your time to hear. He's a great guitar player and lyricist.

Rob Davie's Spazz

Miss Pennie Lane

is a youtuber. She covers mostly Lily Allen songs and a few others. Her voice is heavenly. She hits those high notes and voila! She'd love to hear what you think, and maybe you could join the bandwagon that could convince her to do full songs! It's terrible to hear her wonderful voice for only half the song's length!

MissPennieLane's YouTube

Faceless Witch

who's real name is Rose, has done a great great great cover of Ant's "Girls In Stereo". She calls it an 'attempt' but I think it's a winner! Ant's getting so famous people are covering him! She's also covered Kate Nash and has an original song as well. Check her out!

FacelessWitch's YouTube

That's all the PR I can think of for now, but please check them out and if you like what you hear let them know!

Terimah kasih, Alex


Anthony Hill said...

wow Alex that's really kind of you... thanks so much for taking the time to big all those people up! :)

i'm especially impressed with Rose's interpretation of Girls In Stereo... and i stand by my original comment that Easterband are the ABBA for the 21st century... just you wait! x

Anton Nessvi said...

Thank you soo much, I hope to do some new music soon!

Cheers, Anton!