Friday, August 24, 2007

Well look who's been busy!

Keeping what Kat said in mind, luckily we've got two little surprises for you!

A cover of The Bravery's 'An Honest Mistake'. I really liked The Bravery when I first heard this single, that was what, 1 or 2 years ago? Then the Killers hype took the limelight, whom I also love and The Bravery was well forgotten for me, except for their song Bad Sun off their newest cd, a sure winner with the whistling. Whistling compositions, harmonicas and a well integrated bagpipe, those knock me off my feet...but anyhow!

This is such a great interpretation of An Honest Mistake. It's slowed down and he does a great job with the higher notes. It's one of the songs where you get to see that Ant really does have a good voice, not many people are so blessed with!

And also, a new video blog Ant has done. You can learn all about his latest endeavor into the Swedish culture. Talar du svenska? Jag talar svenska lite grann. Ant, if you're reading this I suggest you print this out. I've found it obscenely helpful at not only Swedish, but my Slovak is fastly improving. And the girl who runs it is very helpful as well.



Kat said...

thanks for being amazing girl, we make good moderators!
yay for news!

Anthony Hill said...

wow thanks for the nice write-up on the bravery cover... i'm so glad u like it, i wasn't sure what people would think =D

also... the swedish thing you pointed me to is BRILLIANT - thanks :D but i dont have a printer so i'll just be using it on my computer for reference. i can think of a couple of swedish ladies i'll be impressing with some handy new vocab tonight though! haha

lookin forward to seeing that artwork Alex btw :) a x x