Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ant is back

And better than ever kids! He has a new song posted on his youtube and its amazing. I just told him earlier in the week that he needed to go back to his simpler ways, and he did and I am in love love love with his new song. You can listen to it here!! Really take a couple minutes out of your day to listen, its really great.

I apologize for not giving you guys the updates you deserve, it's hard to be a full time college student and work full time, and I know Alex feels the same, considering we haven't even had the time to catch up between ourselves, let alone to catch up with Anthony.

Anyways, I missed you, keep coming back!



Anthony Hill said...

i promise i'm back at least for now! really glad you're enjoying the new song =D i wasn't going to put it up on the internet... but i've written 3 other new songs which will be on the CD so there'll still be some surprises! :) thanks for finding the time to catch up with me it means a lot! anthony x

LinsayMarie said...

gah, your both such slackers!!! aw, you know i love you!! don't worry to much we understand your uber busy! still love you!