Sunday, November 18, 2007

Best of Myspace

Hey there kiddlywinks, I just posted this on my website but of course it's only proper to post it here!

Guess who's was included in this weeks Best of Myspace podcast? Why, everyone's favorite homegrown British musician Anthony Hill!

At this link you'll find him about 4min:50sec into the mix. It's a mighty good mix I'm enjoying right now, and made even better by this inclusion!

It's also available on iTunes but not in the US yet so that is the direct link. And here's the link to old Best of Myspace podcasts!

Best of Myspace chooses the musicians to feature by nominations so looks like Anthony is getting some more attention which is great! In this mix you'll find his new version of the favorite "Shimmy Like Kate" in all its hand-clapping glory and a great plug by the host, Gill Mills!

So please check that out and if you like any of those artists let them know, and if you especially like Ant's song let him know on his myspace and youtube videos!

Tack och Hejdå!

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