Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hello once again everyone,
I know it seems like things are kind of quiet around here in the past couple days, but it seems like Ant has been writing some new songs, so there is a good reason behind it!

Ant posted a new blog on his myspace informing his fans that the new song is called Simple Simon, and he seems to be very excited about it!

I imagine all of you cannot wait to hear it, but like the other songs he is writing currently, they will not be posted on the internet! You will just have to save your hard earned dough and buy the album when it comes out!

Anyways, don't forget to keep voting on and to keep submitting your album covers, its already August people, you have until the end of the month!!!!!

Do widzenia,


Anthony Hill said...

lol... what language is that?! haha i''m losing track of how many different ones you two have used now! =P

thanks again for a great post.. and if people do seem interested in hearing them i might give a little preview of one of them in the video blog :) x

Kat said...

that is polish haha

and well its up to you, i mean im kind of digging the suspense of not knowing what it sounds like haha :)

Mira said...

haha i was shocked when i saw "do widzenia" xD it's my language! where did you learn that?:D

Kat said...

mira, im glad to hear that i typed it in there right, and that i could surprise you
my family on my moms side is actually polish, and its a big thing in my family to use little phrases here and there
keep checking back here on the website, glad to have you as a visitor :)